About Me

Hi! My name is Cale Harris.

(And that’s my dog Apollo)

First of all, I genuinely appreciate you stopping by and wanting to know more about me. So thank you, for real.

Professionally speaking, I’ve been mostly a corporate trainer and teacher in the litigation industry.

So how does that lead to teaching others how I lost weight? Good question.

I started this whole website and online community for one simple reason: I want people to know how a lazy, laid-back guy like me (who hates healthy foods and exercise) lost 170 pounds in less than a year.  

But let’s back up. 

You see, pretty much my whole adult life I struggled with being morbidly obese. And on top of the daily general discomfort of being super overweight, I was also deeply unhappy with my body. 

Then one day in 2018, I overheard someone mention a very specific eating plan that helped them quickly lose 30 pounds even though they had struggled with diet for years. 

This eating system is what I call “KEP,” and you can read the full story of what it is and how it changed my life by going here.

Eleven months after maintaining the KEP and a few other very simple things, people were asking me what in the hell I was doing to lose all that weight and keep it off. 

To my shock, even my doctor was asking me how I did it because she was so blown away (you know you did a good job with your health when your freakin’ doctor wants your advice).

All this got me to thinking that I can probably teach others how I consistently lost about 15 pounds every month in a step-by-step format so that they can get great results, too. 

And since I had some website-building experience from my old days, I threw together this place for people like you and me to come together and successfully implement a more comfortable and enjoyable weight-loss experience – hence the “Comfy” Weight Loss.

When all is said and done, there’s more to weight loss than most people know. I’m talking about those juicy secrets that help a person go from overweight and unhappy to healthy and loving life. 

Those are the little breakthroughs that I love to teach – whether it’s about diet (that’s enjoyable), exercise (that you actually like doing), mindset (that eliminates the need for “willpower”), or just how to take the next small step on your amazing journey of transforming yourself.

I currently live in the southern United States with my good boy, Apollo. I’m in my 30’s (yup, I’m a lousy Millennial), and if I’m not interacting with the community here, chances are I’m reading a non-fiction book or playing video games while my dog watches from the couch.

I hope you take a couple of minutes to read my story and join the Comfy Community so that I can meet you! We’re always excited to teach and encourage more folks just like you how to lose weight the Comfy way.

Thanks again for reading, and be well.

-Cale (and Apollo)

About Comfy Weight Loss

Weight Loss doesn’t have to be miserable, exhausting, or give you repeated feelings of failure.

Comfy Weight Loss is here to show you a different way, a better way, to lose the weight and keep it off by learning keto secrets and joining a kick-ass community of people who are all cheering for you every step of the way.

The purpose of Comfy Weight Loss is to encourage people into a better way of losing weight based on your body’s natural fat-burning systems through a delicious ketogenic eating plan (or “KEP”).

But it’s not just about your diet and body; successful weight loss only sticks when we optimize our mindset for major life change. We show others how to nurture their mind and emotions for genuine, lasting weight-loss success.

We believe that you are capable of great change in your life, but sometimes you need a little help to get there. That’s why we strive to be helpful, transparent, and a consistent source of information and support by being true educators, encouragers, and comforters.

Our audience are those who can’t stand traditional diet and exercise, people who love all the “wrong” foods, or folks who are new to the ketogenic diet and want to lose 30 pounds or more. Our audience has learned the hard way to not rely on outside “miracle” products or gimmicks to get results. They are people who are willing to take small scary-at-first steps to experience change.

Mainstream weight-loss sites like to push endless supplement pills, affiliate products, or the latest flash-in-the-pan dieting fads, but they don’t focus on the things that really count like mindset, structure (that fits your life), and leaning into your body’s natural fat-metabolizing systems.

Our mission is to provide people a safe, supported way to transform themselves and reclaim their health through enjoyable weight loss.

You can lose all the weight you want without suffering, without starving, and without outside gimmicks. Let Comfy Weight Loss show you how.