One of the Biggest Threats to Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

If you’re interested in doing keto but haven’t started yet, for whatever reason, then I want to ask you something.

When trying to figure out how to actually start keto, have you ever become so overwhelmed with all the blogs, podcasts, and articles throwing endless information your way that you eventually feel like you don’t know where to even start?

There’s this concept in psychology known as “analysis paralysis.” Basically, it means that a person has so many considerations to make or options to choose from that it makes a person freeze in a place. This state of subtle panic prevents them from making a decision and moving forward. It’s usually the result of overthinking, anxiety, or perfectionism.

It’s Happened to Most of US

Have you ever had this feeling? It’s like you know you want to take your first step, but there’s so many choices and opinions out there that you don’t know which first step is the right one. It probably makes you feel a little nervous, because it’s very important to you that things like the keto diet really works so you can get the results you’ve been wanting.

A sign that you might be experiencing analysis paralysis is that you deliberately avoid doing the tasks or consuming the content that you know will help you learn more and get started. Or perhaps you’ve gone down content “rabbit holes” online or on social media where you tried to find answers to your questions but you end up spending hours diving deeper and deeper into information that seems to just take you further away from your original intent.

Back in 2019, I started keto myself even though I had never even heard of it just months before. I didn’t even know a diet like keto existed, let alone how to actually get into it. Because of this, I had to do so, so much research just to get a very basic plan going.

In fact, it’s funny to think about how I still made a ridiculous number of mistakes while doing keto myself, even with all that research up front. And this is the first huge lesson I learned with changing my health: Be okay with the idea of screwing up or getting it wrong.

I struggled with being overwhelmed with recipes, information, and content rabbit holes before beginning keto myself. What helped me eventually avoid analysis paralysis (which I have plenty of past experience with firsthand) is truly accepting the idea of having failures here and there along my journey.

Infinite Content, Infinite Overwhelm

As I just mentioned, the main difficulty I experienced with starting keto was because there was just too much information available to me online. Yes, I had an almost endless amount of content that I could consume, but also that was exactly the issue that was preventing me from learning more.

The problem with researching on the internet is that while most of the information can be good and accurate, it’s usually all out of order, and not all of it was meant just for someone like you.

More importantly, the info you find online is also missing the most crucial component that helps you not just learn your path to success but also integrate with it: Context.

This is another gem I learned while doing keto and struggling with analysis paralysis: Find keto teachings that resonate with you personally and nourish you.

I avoided blogs, podcasts, and articles that got preachy or that motivated through negative reinforcement. I stepped away from influencers that just pushed a lot of pills, supplements, or outrageously expensive coaching programs. I stuck with the people and websites that felt like they “got me” and wanted the best for me.

I wanted to learn from people who were like me; people that had to radically lose weight to save their health and their lives, people who could speak to the mental and emotional side of weight loss, people who would always treat me with kindness and respect and spare me with guilt trips or scare tactics.

In my case, the more I could find people or websites that taught dramatic weight loss and mental reinforcement, the more they got my attention. Begin to ask yourself what you value when it comes to learning your weight loss plan and what speaks to you as a person.

Instead of Looking for Pieces, Aim for Wholeness

When learning anything, you need the whole picture so that each little step you take is harmonizing with your overall goals, circumstances, and desired self-image. If you’re learning keto, you will want to understand the system in its entirety so that you can take care of your overall health while doing it.

Yes, a recipe for carb-free enchiladas solves the problem of what to eat for dinner. And yes, buying certain supplements solves the problem of providing your body more nutrition while going through ketosis. But how do these things tie into you and your life while losing weight over the long term? How can we understand the system of keto as a whole so that you are actually thriving in your new diet?

This is important stuff to consider.

If you are someone that’s being held back with analysis paralysis when it comes to losing weight or improving your health through keto, my challenge to you would be this: Instead of looking for all your keto answers piecemeal, find one single website, blog, influencer, or resource that harmonizes with you, your goals, and your style of doing things.

There are so many great choices out there when it comes to learning keto. Comfy Weight Loss is just one of many wonderful places where you can learn how to safely and enjoyably lose weight through a ketogenic eating plan, but we are definitely not the only game in town.

Other Tools That Can Help

If you’re looking for single-purpose tools that help you jumpstart your adventure with losing weight or just changing your life overall, I have a few recommendations based on your needs.

  • If you struggle with motivation to start working on a goal or taking the steps you believe you should, then consider learning about the 5 Second Rule that can help you launch into decisive action.
  • If you feel like you have a hard time believing that you can accomplish your goals (such as losing weight), then consider harnessing the power of your self-image through what’s referred to as Psycho-Cybernetics.
  • If you just want to understand how to do keto successfully in a simple, step-by-step way from the very beginning to the very end so that you are never overwhelmed, then check out our Complete Comfy Process training videos that walk you through the entire journey.

In the end, just remember that there is always a way to move forward, even if your brain is telling you that there are too many options or if you feel unsure that the next step is the right one.

By Cale

Cale is the founder of Comfy Weight Loss, a cool little online community where he shows people how he lost 170 pounds in 11 months by eating delicious, fatty foods through a focused keto diet. It turns out that changing your life can be comfortable and enjoyable. To learn more or begin your own happy weight-loss journey, go to

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