Can You Automate Weight Loss?

If you are considering embarking on a journey of improving your health or increasing your self-care through losing weight, or if you’ve already started, you may have wondered at one point or another if you can somehow set yourself up so that results are automatic or even predictable.

Is this even possible? Here I will share with you what I experienced when I lost almost 200 pounds in under a year and how it all funneled into an easy automation for me.

Setting Up the System

Think of your body like a wondrous machine. You give it certain conditions and inputs, and it will eventually produce a result.

Of course, not everyone’s body is the same, and our machines don’t uniformly react to the same conditions and inputs. But the overall function and design is still the same: Give your body input, and it will generate output.

In this way, the body can absolutely be set up so that things like lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, and/or losing weight are all happening automatically in the background while you move on with your life.

When I started my ketogenic adventures in 2019, I made sure to do everything I could to “set it and forget it” so that I never felt like I was straining to lose weight or burn fat. And to my utter gratitude, it actually worked.

Leveraging Your Body’s Automation

As with any good system, the more you align each of the individual components to benefit the system as a whole, the better and faster the system works. Eventually, when you keep optimizing, you run into a flywheel effect where your success and growth is actually self-propelled.

Why not have this same great experience when it comes to improving your health or weight loss? The key would be to understand your body’s built-in weight loss systems and leveraging them to your benefit so that results become more and more automatic and less and less input is required over time.

And the great news is that the human body was designed to regulate body mass and naturally trim excess weight. It even has a natural fat-conversion mode that you can activate through simple adjustments to food (that are delicious, by the way).

So what was the secret to activating my body’s automatic weight loss capability? Leveraging my body’s natural and innate fat-conversion systems by eating in such a way that I converted into a ketogenic state.

Best of all, this ketogenic eating plan required me embrace fatty, delicious foods so that temporarily avoiding things like carbs and sugar felt incredibly easy. This eating plan was so enjoyable and satisfying that it eliminated the need for “willpower.”

Remember, the idea is that when we reduce strain, we can increase our automation because there’s not so much input and effort needed. So having an eating plan that is deeply pleasurable and satisfying becomes extremely important.

Your Automation Can Be Almost Anything

While I admit that a ketogenic eating plan is a slam-dunk for meat eaters and fat lovers like myself, it’s not the ideal solution for others to automate their weight loss. There are also physical conditions or emotional blockages to consider that may make weight loss a trickier endeavor.

No matter your situation, the core idea to the solution remains the same: Find a way to increase your body’s (machine’s) natural weight-loss systems (output) so that you can decrease your amount of daily effort and strain (input).

This creates an enjoyable and comfortable weight loss experience (see where this website name came from?), which means that you arrange everything to a point where you can “set it and forget it” and let your results surface over time in the background while you happily carry on with your life.

Consider looking online for different kinds of eating plans, exercise models, or mindfulness exercises that help your body’s natural systems kick in and give you enjoyable results. Go on social media and ask people who’ve experienced weight loss what they did. Read books or articles on what has worked for people.

Whatever solution you end up landing on, make sure it is something that you feel you will actually enjoy. Why pay for a gym membership if you hate exercising with machines? Why go on an all-vegetable diet if your body thrives off certain protein and meats? It’s why keto fit me and my life like a glove: because I tremendously love meat and fatty foods. It just made sense.

And, of course, make sure that whatever solution you find lines up with your personal health plan and your doctor’s advice.

When you find something that you feel will work and will naturally align with how you like to do things, be careful! If you find a solution that looks like a “magic pill,” question it heavily and do plenty of research. The unfortunate truth is that there is an abundance of products that claim to help you lose weight or improve your health, but they can be smoke and mirrors, overpromise their effectiveness, or actually be harmful to your body.

Remember, you are looking for ways to moderately adjust your lifestyle, thinking patterns, or eating plan so that your body is naturally improving over time and you can automate your results. The more you can focus on your natural health abilities, the better off you will be since you won’t be dependent on some outside solution (like pills, supplements, or exotic foods).

Yes, sometimes the machine needs a little outside assistance to do its job properly, but if it can’t function at all without constant outside intervention, then it’s time to consider other options.

Learn How to Automate Your Machine

Some of you will read this and quickly reach an “ah-ha!” moment that springs you into the next steps to take. Or, if you’re like me, maybe you want a little guidance to understand how to effectively set up your body’s wonderful weight-loss systems for automated results.

If you’d like to learn how I carefully set up my body to automatically lose almost 15 pounds every month like clockwork while enjoying everything I was eating, consider checking out our easy step-by-step video tutorials where I walk you through the entire process from the very beginning to the very end with nothing held back.

Or if you’d like to dive deeper into my story of accidentally finding a way to automate my weight loss through a ketogenic eating plan, then take a ride with me to find out the secret that actually changed my life.

By Cale

Cale is the founder of Comfy Weight Loss, a cool little online community where he shows people how he lost 170 pounds in 11 months by eating delicious, fatty foods through a focused keto diet. It turns out that changing your life can be comfortable and enjoyable. To learn more or begin your own happy weight-loss journey, go to

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