Clean Keto vs. Dirty Keto – What It’s All About

If you’ve ever spent time researching keto or reading success stories of those who have done it before, at some point or another you may have run into the phrases “clean keto” and “dirty keto,” or even the term “lazy keto.”

Even when I was on my ketogenic journey, I actually didn’t hear about these concepts until I was already doing it, so don’t worry if you feel like you’re learning about this after-the-fact.

While these terms may seem somewhat self-explanatory on the surface, it’s important to understand the nuance so you can make the most out of your keto journey, or at the very least help you prepare for your own ketogenic eating plan (which I refer to as “KEP”).

What’s the Basic Difference?

“Clean” and “Dirty/Lazy” keto essentially refers to the quality of foods and level of nutrients that you’re taking in on your ketogenic eating plan.

A person who is doing dirty keto may focus mostly on meats, fats, and proteins in order to put their body into ketosis (which does indeed work).

Compare that to a person who is doing a cleaner version of keto who is definitely getting in their fats, yes, but they are also making sure to get plenty of sources of micronutrients and non-starch vegetables and maybe not emphasizing so much all of the meats and proteins.

Even though these are different styles of keto, they are both consistently low in carbs and sugars in order to kick the body into a ketogenic state where fats are metabolized to become the body’s primary source of energy.

Get the gist?

Dirty Keto In A Nutshell

Someone who is doing a dirty version of a ketogenic eating plan is still following the structure of keto, but they may be taking in much more processed foods. Examples of this would be low-carb chips, pork rinds, or string cheese.

A person doing dirty keto may also focus more on proteins and meats while avoiding veggies. This style of ketogenic eating can also result in taking in foods that are much lower in quality because they are non-organic or locally sourced.

This style of keto usually means that a person is taking in more sodium overall than a person doing clean keto. So if you’re someone who is watching their blood pressure or has similar sodium-sensitive conditions (like heart disease), you may want to be careful with a dirty keto style of eating or just avoid it at all costs while focusing on a much cleaner keto regimen.

Because of the lack of nutrient-rich and organic foods, over time your body may crave the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive. It may be smart to invest in keto-specific supplements that keep your body balanced and supplied with the proper nutrition.

Is it possible to experience the health benefits and rapid weight loss while doing “dirty” or “lazy” keto? Absolutely, but just know that you may be depriving your body from other short-term and long-term health benefits.

Clean Keto In A Nutshell

A person doing a clean ketogenic eating plan focuses on intaking plenty of vegetables and nutrient-rich foods (that are low in carbs and sugar, of course).This style of keto is also about making sure the quality of all your foods (proteins, fats, and non-carb veggies) is as natural and whole as possible.

Basically, clean keto consists of whole foods from high-quality sources. For example, think of things such as grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, wild-caught seafood, olive oil, and non-starch veggies.

At the same time, there is also less of an emphasis on proteins and meats. So you keep the fats high, supplement them with non-carb veggies and other natural foods, and keep the proteins on the lower side.

Clean keto is about taking care of your body while also eating in a way that activates your body’s natural ketogenic systems. You get all the short-term benefits of ketosis and simultaneously provide your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive, which will yield great things for you both short-term and over time.

From a wholistic perspective, doing clean keto helps you optimize and maximize not only your results but also your overall health. Any nutritionist or health professional would probably agree that doing clean keto is the way to go and will give you the most bang for your buck.

No matter which style of keto you choose, make sure it aligns with your doctor’s advice and your personal health plan. There’s no point in doing a style of keto that ends up hurting your body or detracting from your goals.

What Did I Do For My Keto?

If you are already familiar with my story, then you know that I lost 170 pounds in just 11 months doing an enjoyable and delicious ketogenic eating plan.

For me, the big secret is to make your diet as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible so that you stay consistent with it, which yields more and more results over time. I teach folks exactly how to do this so that they can experience huge results with little-to-no effort or “willpower.” That’s the whole idea behind Comfy Weight Loss.

But a lot of people get curious as to what style of keto I did to achieve such massive results in so little time.

You really want to know the truth?

I did a much dirtier version of keto. No joke.

But that’s what worked for me and my body. More importantly, those were the kinds of foods that kept my pleasure and enjoyment as high as possible, which made the whole endeavor feel rewarding and never required willpower or strenuous effort.

So, yes, ya boy here mainly enjoyed proteins, meats, and fats. Don’t get me wrong, about once a week I made sure to enjoy a custom-made salad (free of carbs and sugars) so I could get my greens in.

However, because I knew how dirty my keto was, I made sure to carefully supplement my body with what it needed to thrive in ketosis.

If you want to know more about the exact kinds of meals I had, precisely what supplements I used, and all the other tricks I did to automatically drop 15 pounds a month through delicious fatty foods, consider signing up for our 100% free course on how to make keto as easy as humanly possible.

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