Do Keto Products Work, and Are They Safe?

As any diet or eating regimen becomes more mainstream, the health/wellness/diet industry usually takes a few months to scramble and release any and every possible product or supplement that claim to “boost results” or add some sort of convenience to the process.

If you are someone who is considering starting a ketogenic eating plan, are trying to learn more about it, or have just started yourself, it becomes crucial to be able to discern which products will actually benefit you, and – more importantly – if they are safe for you to use.

Popular Types of Keto Products

What you will generally see when shopping for keto products online will basically fall into one of several types:

  • Supplements, vitamins, and detox/cleanser products
  • Snacks and meals
  • Ingredients for keto cooking

With the health and diet industry being what it is, you will find products that are reasonably priced and that provide good results, and you will also find products that are way overpriced while skimping on quality. It’s like any other market; you’ve got winning products, and you’ve got duds, and they’re all priced differently.

When it comes to any product you want to buy online, especially health and diet products, research them carefully and don’t buy anything too hastily. Read verified reviews if you can (not just “testimonials” on the product’s website, which sometimes are totally made up). Ask your friends or groups on social media if they have any experience with it. See if the products were made responsibly or are certified by any organization that has proper oversight over the industry.

Do what you can to make sure that the product works based on what you can find out, consult your medical professional to see if the product lines up with your personal health plan, and only then make a decision.

When it comes to health and diet products, it is always better to err on the side of caution. Always.

Do These Products Work?

You can generally trust food products that have the official Nutritional Info box stamped on the back that lays out the numbers in plain language. If the nutrition breakdown of the product shows that it’s low in carbs and sugar, then you can move forward.

However, it’s important to also read through the ingredients to make sure that the actual components of the food item are not in direct conflict with keto (such as corn syrup, diglycerides, or fructose syrup). Here’s a good resource for that.

In the end, like any other industry, some of these products do what they promise, and some of them totally do not.

Beware of products that don’t have verified reviews. Be cautious with supplements or any ingestible product that isn’t certified or has no clearance from an organization with regulatory oversight (such as the FDA here in the United States).

Are These Products Safe?

Since the diet and health industry is not required to run their supplements through the same rigorous FDA approval as they do with food, it will always be up in the air as to whether or not those particular products will help you or are even safe for you to use (I know; it’s a scary thought).

You should play it safer with supplements, vitamins, and “booster” products more than food since they do not have as much oversight or regulation. Supplements have always been the Wild West of nutritional products, and that won’t change until legislation is introduced that requires just as much scrutiny as food products.

However, even with regulation and oversight, it’s not a perfect system. On top of that, you still have to account for your personal health – allergies, intolerances, and chemical reactions. For example, people have raved to me about certain probiotics in the past, but taking them made me sick and didn’t provide me with any noticeable health benefit.

And this leads us to the ultimate truth: Your results may vary. So if taking a keto product gives you adverse reactions, harms your health, or kicks you out of ketosis chemically, then give that product a swift kick to the curb and move on.

The Real Questions That Matter

Based on my personal experiences with ketogenic eating, I was able to lose all the weight I wanted as naturally as possible without a ton of keto products. The more I just stuck the fundamentals, I could easily melt off the weight by focusing on what I was eating and letting my body do the rest in the background.

The ABC’s of keto will take you much, much farther than any keto product or gimmick ever will. For example, I’m still distrustful of drinks with “ketones inside.” Unless you’re someone who has been tested as incapable of producing ketones naturally, I don’t personally see the point of ingesting something with chemical compounds that I can easily generate in around 48 hours of ketogenic eating.

Listen, I’m not a health and nutritional expert of any kind. I’m just a dude who lost a ton of weight (about 15 pounds every month) by focusing on an eating plan that actually made me happy: keto. While I may not have medical or scientific expertise, I do have first-hand experience and a direct perspective – so take that for what you will.

In my opinion, you can do all the research you want, read all the reviews you want, and ask all your friends online that you want. But when all is said and done, based on my experience with losing massive weight through ketogenic eating and taking products here and there, for me there is a much more important question to ask when it comes to any and all keto products:

Will this product help me stick to the basics of keto?

What’s crucial here is that the product you’re considering somehow leads – whether directly or indirectly – to you taking in less carbs, less sugar, or increases fats and proteins. Or the product needs to somehow contribute positively to your overall health while the ketosis happens on autopilot.

The product needs to either boost the ketogenic essentials or support your overall health while in ketosis. Anything else really isn’t necessary.

Did I Use Keto-Specific Products?

Some of you may be wondering if, during my journey of losing 170 pounds in 11 months, I used any products designed for people doing keto.

The short answer: Yes, I did.

The slightly longer answer: Yes, I did, but they were really only two specific products.

One of the absolutely necessary items for me and my personal health was a multivitamin specifically designed for people doing ketogenic eating that helped balance my nutritional intake as well as keep me from experiencing keto flu (this was a game changer for me). If you want to dive much deeper into his topic, you can learn more about that here.

The other helped as an occasional meal replacement, some tasty low-carb chips that almost taste better than real Doritos corn chips. I actually just got in my latest shipment and I’m excited to dive in again.

What’s important here, as we discussed before, is that these products helped me stick to the fundamentals of keto: Keep carbs and sugar as low as possible, and let your body take care of the rest by staying on keto.

The chips helped me keep the carb intake low but still allowed me to have delicious chips.

The multivitamin helped my body “take care of the rest” by balancing out my health and helping me feel normal (like I wasn’t on a diet), which allowed me to curb cravings and stay on keto.

The Bottom Line

The first thing to take away here is to always be safe and cautious with health and food products, and make sure you consult your health professional before taking any multivitamins or supplements that are new to you.

For everything else, just remember that if your keto products don’t help you firmly anchor to the fundamentals of keto, then they will not serve you and there’s no need to invest in them.

Or, to look at it from another angle, if the products take away from your health, happiness, or ability to stay consistently in ketosis, then it’s time to throw them in the garbage and never look back.

If you want to learn more about how to make keto as easy as possible and avoiding all the costly mistakes I did, I have a 100% free course where I lay it all out for you with no B.S. and no throwing products at you.

Because, in the end, it wasn’t the keto products that changed my life; it was sticking to the basics of ketogenic eating (which actually saved me money) and refining my mindset to embrace change (which costs nothing but consistent effort to think differently).

If you can do that, then the possibilities of improving your health through keto is almost limitless.

By Cale

Cale is the founder of Comfy Weight Loss, a cool little online community where he shows people how he lost 170 pounds in 11 months by eating delicious, fatty foods through a focused keto diet. It turns out that changing your life can be comfortable and enjoyable. To learn more or begin your own happy weight-loss journey, go to

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