My Story, Continued

So this is how it all started…

In September of 2018 during my lunch break at work, I was in my car and listening to a podcast.

Keep in mind that this podcast had absolutely nothing to do with health, wellness, or nutrition.

The show had two hosts, Dan and Danny (I know, it’s weird).

In the episode I was listening to, they were basically taking an opportunity to catch up on what’s been going on in their lives.

One of the hosts (Dan) told the other (Danny) that they looked great, appeared to be thinner, and seemed happier.

Danny said that yes, he had finally lost the 30 pounds he wanted after years and years of struggling with losing weight. 

After being asked what he did to drop the weight, Danny said a strange word that I didn’t recognize. I had to look it up later to see what the hell it was about.

I even misspelled it when I typed it into Google.

It turns out that Danny finally lost the weight he wanted after implementing KEP (we’ll go over this more in a little bit). And it was so easy to do because it revolved around eating delicious, fatty foods.

This really got my attention.

After listening to that podcast and doing a ton of research, I started to get excited about trying it out myself. I committed to giving it an honest attempt at the very beginning of the next year.

So in January of 2019, I started my KEP.

I even took a picture of myself in that first month to make a record of where my weight was at, since scales weren’t capable of reading my bodyweight (most scales have a 400-pound limit).

11 months later after being on KEP, I did a final weigh-in and asked my girlfriend at the time to record me doing it, because I had no idea what the final number was going to be.

You see that big smile? Those were genuine emotions of shock I was experiencing.

(And as I rewatch this, boy oh boy that beard was out of control).

But the point is that I had this crazy, dramatic weight loss because I did KEP and had a great time with it.

Or, in other words, I had an eating system that 1) activated the body’s natural fat-conversion systems, and 2) I actually liked doing it.

This is your solution. This is your breakthrough.

This is what’s going to begin your incredible weight loss journey.

Find a diet that doesn’t feel like a diet. Implement an eating plan that leaves you happy and satisfied.

Isn’t that so much easier than someone telling you basically eat like a bunny rabbit?

Isn’t that so much more doable than health experts demanding that you exercise for an hour every single day?

Don’t get me wrong, those weight loss solutions are sound, and the science certainly backs them up.

But most of the time, advice like this is not realistic. These are solutions that don’t easily fit in our lives.

It’s the same reason why a person invests in a gym membership but then stops going after life gets busy.

Having to dress for the gym, drive to the gym, pay money for the gym, wait in line for exercise machines – all of it just doesn’t work for you anymore. It’s a good solution but it doesn’t fit into your life the way it needs to and doesn’t give you real joy.

Or it’s why a person starts a diet but then burns out after a few days or weeks. Yes, it’s a good solution, but it doesn’t provide happiness, satisfaction, and it doesn’t hit the pleasure centers of your brain that other foods do.

Instead, it leaves you feeling starved and causes your cravings to go through the roof.

There’s no pleasure in it to keep you going.

When you find a way of losing weight that actually fits your life and makes you happy, it completely eliminates the need for “willpower.”

More importantly, it makes the whole process of getting results breezy and enjoyable. 

I’m all about lazy, enjoyable ways to achieve my goals. Life is too short to accomplish something at the cost of being totally miserable.

It’s why the website you’re on right now is called Comfy Weight Loss. When I say, “comfy,” I really mean it.

I can honestly admit that it was this comfortable method of dropping pounds that was really the only way for me to lose the weight that I did.

Because, to be honest, the odds were always against me in regards to transforming my body.

Since childhood, I simply loved junky and unhealthy foods. Especially meat and fat.

By choice, I grew up eating pretty much nothing but large-portion restaurant meals and fast food every single day (seriously).

I have always gravitated towards all of the exact foods that health experts say to avoid like the plague. 

Unhealthy? Yes.

But (and really pay attention to this) I spent my whole life eating in a way that gave me joy

So what was the secret to me losing almost 200 pounds in a year?

By doing the exact same thing: eating in a way that gave me joy

But this time with a very specific KEP structure that was maximizing my body’s natural fat-burning systems.

You might be asking yourself, “Okay Cale, that makes sense. But what about exercising? Did you work out at all while you were losing that all that weight?”

I’m glad you asked.

Yes, I did a little bit of working out. Not that much, though.

But, once again, it was exercising that I actually liked doing. And if I did exercise, I made sure it took around 10 minutes or less (there’s actually a scientific reason behind that).

Seriously, this is all I used to exercise for just 10 minutes a few times a week.

(Note: a cute dog is not a required part of your exercise equipment)

You’re starting to hear me use the same phrase over and over again by this point, right? I’ll say it one last time.

Burn this idea deep in your mind:

Lose weight in a way that makes you so incredibly happy that it completely eliminates the feeling of struggle or willpower.

This is a concept we call problem de-arrangement. It’s also referred to as “dis-solving” a problem.

Marketing genius Seth Godin phrases it in a beautiful way that helped me wrap my brain around this life-changing idea:

“The best solution to a persistent, apparently non-solvable problem is to make the problem itself obsolete.

Go around it.

Cease to need it to be solved.

Redefine your process or goal so that the problem is no longer permitted to slow you down.”

This applies perfectly to losing weight.

If you want to drop the pounds but hate the dieting process (like I do), then you need to completely go around the dieting process and focus on the foods you love in a hyper-specific way.

If at this point you’re starting to worry that you have no idea what method of losing weight will be that enjoyable for you, don’t sweat it.

If you love meat or fatty foods (greens are an option, too), then I am here to show you exactly what I did to drop so much weight in such little time with those exact things.

For me, doing KEP in combination with changing my mindset (how I feel about myself, my body, my self-worth, and my relationship with food) was my joyful way of losing weight.

It’s this single idea that caused me to drop almost 200 pounds in under a year.

There were several other cool tricks that I was doing in conjunction with those to hugely boost my results, but we will go over those soon.

And listen, this whole concept of enjoyable weight loss isn’t some crazy new idea that was invented by me. Far from it.

I’m just a friendly messenger that wants to help you get results like mine. 

The truth is that science and health experts back up this very specific idea.

You see, our genetic makeup is programmed to seek pleasure. Our DNA causes us to look for good feelings and positive, pleasurable responses several times every day. 

Kent Berridge, Ph.D., a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Michigan, explains why our DNA is set up like this when he said, “Evolution wired our brains to enjoy things like food and sex so we’d stay alive and our species would survive.”

That makes sense, right?

When a weight loss expert in New York, Jena la Flamme, really understood this and started processing it, the whole secret to losing weight basically revealed itself to her. She’s even built an entire business around enhancing your life through structured pleasure. 

She understood how crucial it is to have a weight-loss journey that actually gives your brain the pleasure responses it’s constantly seeking.

Jena says…

“If you’re overweight, there’s a good chance that you’re pleasure-deprived and have been using food — a fast and easy pleasure hit — as a substitute for play, joy, and sensuality. The key to reaching your healthy weight is to embrace a variety of things that tap into that happy brain chemistry — not just food but friendships, movement, music, art, relaxation, and love.”

Now you can see that Jena’s approach is more wholistic, a sort of all-encompassing methodology. It’s a modality generally referred to as “Pleasure-Based Weight Loss,” and I agree with it. 

But what was so amazing about how I incorporated this idea is that I didn’t have to go all-out like Jena prescribes.

I was able to lose 15 pounds every month by just switching to a specific eating plan (KEP) and specific workouts (10-minute sessions a few times a week) that made me happy, without having to pursue all those other things.

This stuff actually works.

If you’re wondering what KEP is, it stands for Ketogenic Eating Plan. And I phrase it that way for extremely calculated reasons…

Ketogenic: A style of eating that activates your body’s natural fat-burning systems.

Eating: You’re not running away from fatty and delicious foods; you’re running towards them.

Plan: You have to do this method of eating with a deliberate structure and focus (notice I didn’t say, “willpower”).

(Quick note: I realize some of you may have never heard of “ketogenic” or “keto” eating before, so if that’s you then feel free to check out the quick video below that explains the basics of what it is)

Listen, I’ve given you a lot here. This is enough advice to change your life forever and lose weight right now.

Is the concept of enjoyable weight loss starting to “click” with you yet? Because this big idea applies to any eating plan, as long as it’s one you really love.

All-foods, paleo, whole-30, vegan, or the fastest and easiest one (in my personal opinion) which is the always-delicious keto… it all works if you truly enjoy it and do it consistently.

Remember this: Don’t make the goal to lose weight; make the goal to find an eating plan so enjoyable that losing weight with it becomes incredibly easy and happens naturally.

Fortunately for you, keto accomplishes both of those things simultaneously. It is a way of eating that activates your natural fat-metabolizing enzymes and happens to be freakin’ delicious.

But can I be real with you for a second?

If you’re excited by the idea of comfortably losing substantial weight like I did through keto, I need to warn you that KEP must be done in a very particular way so that your body successfully metabolizes fat automatically.

I’m talking about small details that really matter here.

A ketogenic eating plan isn’t overly difficult once you know exactly what to do. But there is a lot to know to make sure you do it right, do it safely, and do it to get the results you really want.

I made so many costly mistakes during my time of losing almost 200 pounds, and I want you to completely sidestep the frustrating setbacks I experienced.

More importantly, I want you to have a solid bedrock of knowledge that will help you start your weight loss adventure the right way.

You wouldn’t build a house by putting up the walls and roof first. You have to lay a foundation that firmly holds everything else up. Otherwise the house comes falling down.

It’s the same with starting keto.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to spend weeks or months doing a ton of research just to get some sort of plan going, or struggle with analysis-paralysis (like I did) because of the overwhelming amount of advice out there on the internet.

You just want to know what works, exactly how to do things in a simple step-by-step method, and learn everything without getting overloaded with information.

That’s why I offer certain people access to my KEP secrets so that they can feel secure knowing exactly what to watch out for and how to make the whole process 100 times easier.

Why do I say, “certain people”? To be blunt, I’m only interested in helping people that…

  • Are meat eaters who want to lose 30 pounds or more
  • Are ready to put any past weight loss “failures” and frustrations behind them forever so they can finally transform themselves for good
  • Are willing to learn some cool new things and then take small simple steps to implement them, even if they are totally new to ketogenic eating

If this describes you, then I have something special for you to help you get started on your exciting new weight loss journey, for absolutely free.