My Story

Is it even possible to quickly lose weight and improve your health if you really love meat and fatty foods?

I discovered by accident that the answer is a clear “Hell yeah.”

This is the story of how a lazy, 400-pound guy like me suddenly lost 170 pounds in less than a year without diet pills, with barely any exercise, without needing any “willpower,” and (best of all) by eating delicious foods I craved every day.

My name is Cale. I’m very glad that you’re here!

So here’s the deal: Almost my whole life I’ve struggled with being obese.

And the older I got, the bigger I became – to the point where I weighed over 400 pounds and stayed like that for many years.

Like a lot of people who deal with obesity, I spent long, agonizing years feeling desperate to find a quick way to drop the weight.

I tried almost everything: diet pills, strict veggie-based diets, working out like crazy, even self-hypnosis to change my eating habits.

Obviously, none of it worked. So over many years I started to panic that I would never lose the weight for good.

I would frequently stay awake at night wrestling with uncomfortable thoughts like…

Why can’t I just finally change and eat healthy like other people?

Why do other people stay skinny so easily but I can’t?

Why is dieting so damn hard?

Will I stay overweight and unhappy forever?

I don’t know if you ever struggled with feelings like this. If you have, then please know that you are not alone.

So what finally turned things around for me?

I didn’t lose the weight for good until I accidentally realized that my past attempts of dropping pounds were just treating the symptoms of my excess weight, and I wasn’t tackling the real problem of genuine, lasting weight loss.

And now here I am, with 170 pounds lost and counting.

It took me years to understand that weight loss is a compounded problem.

Allow me to explain…

Whether you’re 20 pounds overweight or 200 pounds overweight, the soul-crushing issue with weighing more than you want is that you have two major issues stacked directly on top of each other that make everything more difficult:

1. The unhappiness of being overweight in the first place
(clothes that don’t fit, feeling unattractive, being slow and lethargic, feeling limited in what you can do, scary health symptoms)

2. The misery of trying to lose that excess weight
(dieting that leaves you starving, exercising that’s painful and cumbersome, expensive pills that hurt your body and damage your health, being afraid of putting all the weight back on later)

Basically, being overweight is hard enough, but then losing the weight is even harder.

It’s like your first problem has an even bigger problem stuffed inside of it. It’s a problem burrito.

No wonder weight-loss is a $70 billion industry in the United States.

So here’s where everything changed for me.

After being obese for so long, I realized that it was the food itself (like meat and fat) that gave me a sense of joy in my life. Like real feelings of happiness.

But anything I did to lose weight immediately robbed me of all my joy, so I would just return right back to the food that made me happy to begin with.

What I needed to do, and what helped me dramatically lose almost 200 pounds in a year, is to lose weight and keep the joy of delicious foods (that activate natural fat-burning).

Are you following me?

I wish someone had told me years ago the secret truth that you can you lose all the weight you want without suffering, without starving, and without too-good-to-be-true products or gimmicks. 

This realization came to me almost by complete accident one day when I overheard a weight loss success story in a podcast.

This one little piece of information led me down a path that ended up literally changing my life.

It turns out that the foods I love were the key to losing as much weight as I wanted.

I know that sounds crazy. But there’s a lot of cool ideas to unpack here, and it’s my mission to help you learn this very specific process. 

So if you’re interested, keep going with me on this unusual journey.