Case Study: How Experiencing Huge Results Comes from Very Tiny Things

Have you ever heard of Kelly Hogan?

She has an awesome story.

At her peak of body weight, she was over 260 pounds at 5 foot 9 inches.

But it was more than just weight that was making her truly unhappy. She started developing scary signs of future health problems.

Kelly started to become gravely concerned about the abscesses in her legs and staph infections. So she decided to see her doctor out of desperation.

Then something wonderful happened.

She was given a new idea, a different thing to try, a new way to approach her problem (even though it made no sense to her at the time).

Just one year later, she had dropped 80 pounds through KEP.

Her doctor barely recognized her when she went back in for a follow-up visit.

She went on to lose over 50 more pounds with this one simple suggestion.

It’s incredible to think that this life-altering idea came from a little pamphlet that was handed to her.

It ended up being the single moment that turned everything around.

Sometimes in order for a person’s life to finally “click” and to unlock their true success, they just need that one little thing, that new idea, that moment of inspiration.

Remember, it was just one little new idea that completely changed my life into losing almost 200 pounds in just one year.

It’s my mission to have you experience the same results – having that single precious moment where life totally opens up for you because you absorbed a new idea that inspired, challenged, or completely reframed how you view your health goals.

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