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The Complete Comfy Process

For our Comfy Weight Loss members, here is the Complete Comfy Process step-by-step videos in sequential order.

Whether you’re a total newbie to a ketogenic eating plan or just need some help to get it going and get results, these videos were made just for you.

Simply start at the very beginning, and slowly work your way through.

(Remember to always do your “next small step” before moving on!)

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Note: These videos will be posted at around twice a month until the series is finished.

#1: KEP Basics Explained

#2: Maximizing Your Keto

#3: Prepping for KEP

#4 – What Foods to Eat

#5 – Foods That Stop Your Fat-Burning

#6: Keto-Friendly Drinks

#7 – Overcoming Cravings

#8 – Meal Recommendations

#9 – Snacking Keto-Style

#10 – Eating In or Out?

#11 – Structuring Your Meals

#12 – Secret Starting Method

#13 – Transitioning Smoothly to KEP

#14 – Handling Keto Flu

#15 – Tracking Results

#16 – Weight Loss Booster 1

#17 – Weight Loss Booster 2

#18 – Weight Loss Booster 3

#19 – A Day of KEP

#20 – Exercising