The Keto Diet Explained in 5 Minutes

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could quickly explain what the heck keto is in the same time it takes to make a cup of tea?

If you search YouTube for “what is keto” or something similar, you get a variety of videos, and some of them are straight-up lengthy, y’all.

Holy moly. That one collection of videos alone would take you over four hours to go through.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I decided to put together a quick video explaining what a ketogenic diet is and what it involves so that folks who (like me in the very recent past) have never even heard of “keto” can learn the basics in a snap.

Enjoy the video here:

Listen, these are just the basics. The simple stuff.

Before I started losing weight with keto, I had to spend months researching everything, getting myself ready, and preparing my mindset for success.

My keto journey only worked because I made sure I was completely informed and ready before I even started.

And even with all that prep work, I still made so many big mistakes and experienced setbacks because “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

I don’t want you to experience any of these frustrations and progress blockers. Your keto experience should be much simpler, easier, and more enjoyable.

To learn more about the real secrets of keto that make it easy, please check out this free course I’ve put together just for you.

Remember that most of our results come from about 20% of what we choose to focus on. It’s called the 80/20 rule.

Our free course will set you up with that critical 20% knowledge that will get you 80% of your successful weight loss results.

So take that first small step and get instant access to the Keto Made Easy Course now.

By Cale

Cale is the founder of Comfy Weight Loss, a cool little online community where he shows people how he lost 170 pounds in 11 months by eating delicious, fatty foods through a focused keto diet. It turns out that changing your life can be comfortable and enjoyable. To learn more or begin your own happy weight-loss journey, go to

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