How Losing Almost 200 Pounds Wasn’t Enough for Me

How could someone who found out that they lost 170 pounds in 11 months feel disappointed with their weight loss a few days later?

I know, reading that probably makes you want to slap that person just for good measure. Any doctor or just average person on the street would tell you that losing that much weight in that short amount of time is truly life-changing – and it absolutely is. But feelings are feelings, right?

Let’s dig a little deeper to see if we can find out what was really happening.

Something I told the Comfy Community recently in one of our step-by-step videos on how to enjoyably lose weight is to remember that it is absolutely OK if you do not hit your weight-loss target. Because this is exactly what happened to me.

You see, when I started keto at the start of 2019, my goal was to take my weight from 400 to 200 by the end. And on a cold December morning, I climbed onto a scale I had just bought online to do my “final weigh-in.” If you haven’t seen it already, you can find my raw reaction here…

As you can see, my initial reaction was somewhat quiet, and a little awkward. This is because everything was hitting me all at once – how far I had come, how different my life was, all the new clothes I could fit into (such as that tight-fitting black muscle shirt and skinny PJ’s).

But a few days later, I found myself a little disappointed. After all was said and done, I had missed my goal weight by 30 pounds.

It took me some time to “shake out of it” and realize how much of an amazing thing I had just done. Through accidentally stumbling upon an enjoyable weight-loss method that involved eating delicious, fatty foods, I had lost almost half of my entire body in under a single year.

Yet my emotions didn’t catch up to that huge realization, and I was somehow not basking in this truly incredible personal accomplishment. All I could focus on were the 30 pounds that I didn’t lose.

So I just wanted to tell anyone and everyone out there that if you were ever let down by your weight-loss results even though you did lose weight, you’re not alone. I have been in that exact situation first-hand, and it was sobering.

Because if I wasn’t going to be happy with losing 170 pounds, would I ever be happy with the amount of weight I lost? Would it ever feel satisfactory for me? Or would my mind continue hold the perspective of “not good enough” with my weight?

This is why it was so important to remind our members that it is totally fine if you do not hit your end target. A mantra I live and breathe by is, “Any progress is good progress.”

Please, please take that phrase to heart. Every single pound you lose is tremendous progress. Each time you successfully eat a reasonable ketogenic meal should be celebrated. Each instance of brief, enjoyable exercise is a testimony to how great you are.

Any progress is good progress.

Whenever I get disappointed with how I haven’t reached an end goal, I immediately catch myself and try to readjust how I feel about it. I choose to feel proud, to feel validated, to feel like I am a bad-ass weight loss machine. And those phantom feelings of disappointment fade away to the point where it’s like they were never there.

This whole issue also reminds me how weight loss is so much more than an eating plan, more than exercise, more than calorie-counting. A massive portion of weight loss is about your mindset, your perspective, your mental and emotional outlook. There are whole books written (affiliate link) on this very real topic.

That’s why I made it a priority to offer members of Comfy Weight Loss a steady stream of mindset tricks, tips, and strategies that help them achieve a much more joyful, breezy, and body-positive weight loss experience.

What’s the point in your body losing weight if your mind and heart don’t acknowledge it or enjoy it? That’s probably one of the main reasons you bravely decided to lose weight and get healthy in the first place.

So take it from someone who was temporarily not satisfied with losing almost 200 pounds: If you ever confront feelings of disappointment with your weight loss journey, please know that you are not alone – and more importantly, that there is light at the end of that dark tunnel.

By Cale

Cale is the founder of Comfy Weight Loss, a cool little online community where he shows people how he lost 170 pounds in 11 months by eating delicious, fatty foods through a focused keto diet. It turns out that changing your life can be comfortable and enjoyable. To learn more or begin your own happy weight-loss journey, go to

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